Speaker Order Form

Procedure To Send Photo or Order Stock Speaker

This is a procedure to help you transfer a photo to me in order to create a custom 2D canvas print speaker from your own photo.

1) First you need to scan the photo. This will be easy as we're not asking for you to do anything special. Scan your photo in at 600 dpi. Name it with your last name to the TIFF file. Do not crop, adjust colors or compress the file. Just leave it as is.

2) Next, download and fill out the PDF order form. Name it with your last name and save to your computer. Fill out the the form and save it again. You may print it out to save a hardcopy if you wish.

3) You then need to upload the the saved form and the TIFF file(s) by simply attaching to the following email address;


Any questions, please email me.